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Serial Mom

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A picture perfect middle class family is shocked when they find out that one of their neighbors is receiving obscene phone calls. The mom takes slights against her family very personally, and it turns out she is indeed the one harassing the neighbor. As other slights befall her beloved family, the body count begins to increase.

Title : Serial Mom

Year : 1994

Runtime : 95

Release Dates: 1994-04-13


Actors :

Kathleen TurnerasBeverly Sutphin
Sam WaterstonasEugene Sutphin
Ricki LakeasMisty Sutphin
Matthew LillardasChip Sutphin
Mink StoleasDottie Hinkle
Traci LordsasCarl's Date
Suzanne SomersasHerself
Justin WhalinasScotty
Tim CaggianoasMarvin Pickles
Scott MorganasDetective Pike
Walt MacPhersonasDetective Gracey
Patricia DunnockasBirdie
Lonnie HorseyasCarl
Mary Jo CatlettasRosemary Ackerman
John BadilaasMr. Stubbins
Kathy FannonasMrs. Sterner
Doug RobertsasMr. Sterner
Jeff MandonasHowell Hawkins
Colgate SalsburyasFather Boyce
Patsy Grady AbramsasMrs. Jenson
Richard PilcherasHerbie Hebden
Beau JamesasTimothy Nazlerod
Stan BrandorffasJudge
Kim SwannasLu-Ann Hodges
Bus HowardasGus
Alan J. WendlasSloppy
Patricia HearstasJuror #8
Nancy RobinetteasJury Forewoman
Peter BucossiasRookie Cop
Loretto McNallyasPolicewoman
Wilfred E. WilliamsasPress A
Joshua L. ShoemakerasCourt TV Reporter
Rosemary KnowerasCourt Groupie A
Susan LoweasCourt Groupie B
John Calvin DoyleasCarl's Brother
Mary Vivian PearceasBook Buyer
Brigid BerlinasMean Lady
Jordan BrownasPolice Officer
Anthony 'Chip' BrienzaasVendor
Jeffrey Pratt GordonasFlea Market Boy
Shelbi ClarkeasFlea Market Girl
Nat BenchleyasMacho Man
Kyf BrewerasDealer
Teresa R. PeteasBaby's Mother
Zachary S. PeteasChurch Baby
Richard PelzmanasDoorman
Chad BankerdasKid A
Johnny AlonsoasKid B
Robert RoserasKid C
Mike OffenheiserasJoe Flowers
Lee HunsakerasGirl
Michael S. WalterasBurglar A
Mojo GentryasBurglar B
Gwendolyn Briley-StrandasMrs. Taplotter
Jennifer MendenhallasReporter
Joan RiversasJoan Rivers
Catherine Anne HayesasTV Serial Hag
Susan DuvallasLady C
Valerie YarboroughasPress
Jordan YoungasKid
L7asCamel Lips
Jennifer FinchasCamel Lips
Suzi GardnerasCamel Lips
Demetra PlakasasCamel Lips
Donita SparksasCamel Lips
John A. SchneiderasHusband A
Lyrica MontagueasCourt Clerk

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